Picnic lunches fortified with conversational chemistry.

In Denver & Brooklyn. Membership is free.

Exactly what I was looking for.”

Kristin Dura
Retired Mom of Four Grown Daughters

I’m so glad a current member invited you to stop by. Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more. If you decide you’d like to join us for a picnic, just shoot me a quick hello at +1 (720) 728‑9494 or ted@fantalkstic.com.

Please note, it could take me a week or two to get back to you. — Ted


I love organizing restaurant lunches for people I’m confident will enjoy talking to one another.

The best lunch date of my life. We were there for two-and-a-half hours but could easily have stayed for five.”

Tina Roth Eisenberg
Founder of Creative Mornings and Tattly, after I sent her out to lunch with Meg Hirshberg, author of For Better Or For Work

It’s been my favorite hobby for nearly thirty-five years.

Laura, a social worker, Renee, a palliative care nurse, Deb, a children’s librarian, and Courtney, a horticulturalist, earlier this year, at Denver’s Saigon Bowl.

After a pandemic-forced break and the arrival of warmer weather, I moved my lunches out of doors.

And, to my great surprise, they’re better than ever —

The whole world is our restaurant. The air is fresh. There’s no waiter rushing us to finish. Folks with food allergies can bring something safe to eat. The wine is much less expensive. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits list.

I can’t believe it took a global catastrophy to see the benefits of something as obvious as a picnic.

By July, I was so excited about the picnics, I decided to give the revised effort a name, a website, and my full-time attention.

How did you get started with the hobby, way back when?

I inherited it from my dad.

Dad, after graduating from Columbia Journalism School, 1960.

He ran four different lunchtime conversation groups that met at New York City Chinese restaurants, every week, like clockwork, from 1973 until 2015.

In 1980, my parents split up.

After that, when a day off from school coincided with one of dad’s lunches, he’d bring me along as fifth wheel.

Being at lunches with such conversationally compatible people had a huge, positive impact on me.

How do you figure out who to invite to each picnic?

I follow my dad’s ingenious, secret recipe.

If an eagle and a tiger had a human baby that was then raised by ninjas, it would be Ted.”

Allan Branch
Founder of Less Everything

Can you tell me the recipe?

Would you ask the Kentucky Colonel’s son for his dad’s fried chicken recipe?

How is membership free? What are you trying to pull? Are you a serial killer?

I love doing this so much. And it’s still small and manageable. But I do hope Fantalkstic will get big enough that I’ll need to hire employees to help me. At that point, I’ll start thinking about a monthly membership fee.

Ted is extraordinary at what he does. And he’s a man of his word.”

Phil Caravaggio
Co-founder of Precision Nutrition

How many people do you get together at each picnic?

Four. That’s the largest number of people that can carry on a single, natural conversation.

Where does the food come from?

Very yummy restaurants. Though members are welcome to bring their own lunch.

Who are you?

I’m Ted Pearlman. You can read more about me here.

Are you hiring?

No. But, if you’re interested or know someone who might be interested in an administrative/​logistics position, please email me at ted@fantalkstic.com or call/​​text me at +1 (720) 728‑9494.

Is your dad still alive?

No. He died in 2015.

Dad, in the official garb of the jet-setting journalist, a green expedition vest, during Thanksgiving weekend, 2001.

He’s looking at one of the endless, makeshift 9⁄11 memorials surrounding Ground Zero.

From the time I graduated college until his death in 2015, dad and I would regularly walk from 86th Street and Columbus Avenue, where he lived, to Battery Park, and back, a 12-mile round trip, talking the whole way.

Who created the logo?

It’s a heavily customized version of the name in IvyPresto Headline Bold by the brilliant Elena Genova.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at +1 (720) 728‑9494 or ted@fantalkstic.com.

I love what you’re doing. Great ideas.”

Jason Fried
Founder of Basecamp and NY Times best-selling author of Rework, Remote and It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work